no longer an exclusively vicarious one.

Friday, January 28, 2005

English Ext2: majorwork: 1

Leshala slowly peeled her eyes open. They felt pasted shut, as if she had not slept long enough to wake again. Or maybe as if she had slept too long...She blinked to try and clear the gummy feeling in her eyelids. It was dark. So dark, but this was how it always was, wasn't it? Finally obeying her, her eyelids flew open and the deep blue retreated in the face of the black of her pupils. She saw nothing, and there was only oblivion reflected in the vacuum of her eyes. Oblivion and emptiness in a neverending corridor of unknowing incomprehension. But there was another sound here, besides the ringing silence of nothingness. She heard the slow drip of an untightened tap in a nearby room. The echoes rang clear in her mind, the only real thing here in this place she knew inside and out, but could not remember at all. Oblivion was replaced by chaos and confusion and Leshala looked around her, eyes flicking left and right. It was not so dark after all, she thought, not here in this place of musty shadows and cardboard boxes piled high atop each other. There was a dim lamp in a corner of the small, whitewashed room. The warmth suggested by this last bastion of the light, the stunted guard of reality watching over her, brought her back to herself. Back to the broken being lying on a thin sheet covering an equally broken bedstead.She swallowed, trying to tell her body to wake up. Waiting for it to respond, her other senses slowly crept back to unwillingly join their master. She smelt an odour, something that reminded her of another place, another time, people long gone from her life. People who would never have even heard of the kind of place she was trapped in now. She sighed, long and heavy. Something had happened... something big, something bad, something that had altered the way she viewed life forever. If only she could remember.


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