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Friday, January 28, 2005

English: Supp'y texts: LOTR ad

Title and Details:
Powerhouse Museum The Lord Of The Rings Exhibition information pamphlet 2004-2005
Type of text:
Advertising pamphlet
Context and Purpose of text:
Many of the props, costumes and original artworks from the popular and successful trio of movies, The Lord of the Rings, are on display at the Powerhouse Museum in an exhibition travelling the world. The pamphlet gives information to advertise this exhibition and encourage people to come.

What ideas of the imaginative journey are conveyed to the responder?
The main idea is that anyone can go on this imaginative journey to Middle Earth. This is done by physically surrounding yourself with the artefacts of that place, only to be found at the exhibition. The responder can not only go behind the scenes of an award-winning movie and see how it was made, but they can also experience Middle Earth itself.

How are these ideas conveyed to the responder?
The pamphlet is covered in pictures from the movie, as well as pictures of the costumes on display at the exhibition. Large, attention-grabbing fonts, and a brown and black colour scheme (to tie in with the fantasy theme) also help to draw the responder’s attention and show them that this is the world they are being invited to join. Words such as “fantastic” and “once-in-a-lifetime opportunity” also reinforce this. Also included is a map to the museum and times, costs and parking.

Links to poetry of Coleridge and Stimulus Booklet text:
Link to Kubla Khan in the themes of war and fantastic emotions and the battle between good and evil in an ancient setting. Also the desire to be part of something so amazing and successful as the LOTR movies, is echoed in Coleridge’s desire to create something as long lasting as Kubla’s work. Link to The Town Where Time Stands Still in that the advertisement encourages the responder to come to the exhibit and be moved by the experience, that it will have such an amazing effect in all its splendour. Going to the exhibit, the people expect to the moved.


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