no longer an exclusively vicarious one.

Monday, January 31, 2005

sorry. to begin...

i guess i should explain.
you know, about this blog.

erm the old trichorder site is frelled.
a) its yotz-house, and
b) i lost the password and can't be bothered trying to get it back
so, like, don't go there. cos the last thing i want to do is waste your time.... yeah...

so. here i am.
i guess i'm called wakefield. don't ask.. its a long, winding and ultimately embarassing tale of several misguided young teens who were blinded as children by the repetitive and shallow storytelling of one ann m. martin. i told you you didn't want to know. and yes. i am soooo ashamed of myself.
its an alias. and believe me, if you didn't know who i was, it is a very good cover of my real identity.
very, very good.

i guess the aim of the blog is to act as some sort of online repository of my school work as well as a place for random dren. cos if this tralk of a computer i got at home decides to crash on me, and believe me the probability of that happening is way too much for me to deal with right now, i will kill everything in a ten metre radius then cry all the way to school. do you KNOW how long it takes to do some of this stuff. and how short it takes to do others... but i won't go into that.

and yes. there is a trichorder site at msn.
its mine.

i would do something cool with this space except i am basically computer illiterate and i have a smelly sister who basically owns this computer and there is only one with the net on it.
oh and i'm kinda in the middle of my HSC year.

i guess i don't expect anyone else to even take note of this blog's existence, but i will keep talking as if someone were because it helps keep me sane.

aren't jay and the doctor strangely, compellingly funny?

would that i could keep a really cool blog, like with my diary and cool narratives detailing my life and full of exposes of all the current affairs going on in the world.
too bad im a lazy bugger who couldn't be stuffed to put sugar in her tea let alone research and rant over the misfortunes of the universe and the evils of the ever-expanding corporate state.

hey, tea was never meant to be drunk with sugar. its morally hypocritical. believe me.

so thats today.
i guess i'll catchas all whenever...

now how do i get this thing up....



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