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Monday, January 31, 2005


hi. im robbie buck and you're listening to the tripod song in an hour album.

well you're not and im not, but hi anyways.

uh. this blog was actually meant to go on my other blog on msn spaces, but i decided that it was more than i could do to just keep one blog alive, let alone two. so ive transferred it here. and yes. that means that there is nothing on the msn trichorder. its just a landmark, an empty vessel that marks a special place for, well, me i guess. its crap and so is this, but at least this takes up more time to read. so, here it is. the intro to the wrong blog. enjoy.

well i bet i spelt that wrong.

ola whoever.

tis the trichorder Space (tm) and while youse may all think i am simply trying to own every single space on the net that is called trichorder, i do most humbly assure you that this is not true.

it really isnt. im practically certain that somewhere, out there, a group of geeks have already set up some kind of elaborate website paying homage to that delightfully handy contraption that so handily gave its name to this Space.


i guess, by any definition of the term, i too am a geek. however i am not a trekkie. i suppose i am the more modern, cynical breed. i am a scaper.

yes farscape lives and breathes on. it is the show that never ends.

right. to business.

this Space is a place (im a poet and i dont know...:P) in which i am allowed to go on like i really never would for real. like, as if anyone really talks like this. and if you do... stop it. right now. your new years' resolution for this year is to stop frelling speaking like this because it is not only wrong... it is also inhumane and contributing to the ever-growing rate of pollution and that hole in the ozone layer.

oh and that blog called trichorder on blogger?

its mine.

dont go there. its no longer in commission. i euthanised it. it was just getting too crap.
erm and that other blog called trichorder2 on blogger?

its also mine.

what? i had to name the new place something. its all i could think of. besides its a lovely name
lovely ... *snigger*.... i said lovely....

sorry hang on a sec

*walks out of room and shuts door. a long burst of badly-muffled laughter can be heard echoing through the awkward silence left by the departure of the author*

wooh. i'm okay now.

understand. please. i will hardly ever get to write on this thing, cos my sister has a monopoly (gained and retained only by the threat of physical injury i tell you) and i almost never get access to the net for any significant amount of time.

oh and i guess im in the middle of my HSC year. but im not letting it faze me. i will not have my life (little and pathetic as it is) be ruined or influenced in any way by this farcity (i dont think thats a word but you know what i mean) of an examination that will "determine my future".

hah. i laugh at your earnestness and wishy-washy hallmark-influenced way of looking at life. if i want to become a cat burgler or a professional sniper, I will be the judge of that.

hey. does intelligence screen these blogs? sniper sniper sniper. i guess one of the employment opportunities for a girl these days is to get professional training in... sniper rifling. except my vision is shot. oh well. there's that option out the metaphorical window.

how good were ross and terri during the holidays. i miss them. mel's alrite but she's kinda boring. the radio. you know.

"rebel, rebel, cos you're the new sensation"

good band that. should try to find their album. its quite good, even though a lot of the new breed of punk rock nowadays kinda sets my teeth on edge.

the length of this blog only corresponds to the amount of time that i will NOT be on the computer. because there will be such huge gaps between entries, as i have already anticipated, i have made whatever blogs i CAN do extra extra long. my sis comes back in half an hour anyways.

well i guess thats all for now, folks.

man this computer is fahrbot. soooo slow. dammit.

i just am filled with so much love for all of youse...




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