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Monday, March 21, 2005

the *box*

yes that dreaded piece of plastic and tubing.

anyway. so yesterday i watched this really good movie on sbs. it was about the last stand of napoleon and how he didnt really die on st helena. it had richard e grant in it. o. i love richard e grant. hes sooo funny to watch cos he is so full of it.
the point is this: sbs has some good stuff.
the only problem is that you have to risk the horrors of wading through ridiculous amounts of porn to find the gems of classic world movies hidden under their grimy facade.
not that everyone thinks porn is bad. i just think there are often better things to watch on the telly than some smelly old people getting it on in full view of the public. you know?
in a similar fashion, i switched to kerri-anne or whatever her name is and saw robson green. she was interviewing him and although she is a fahrbot interviewer who has little to no actual personality and asks the most boring and irrelevant questions imaginable, the fact remains that she had robson green on her show. (robson green is a really cool actor on wire in the blood - abc april 1). so, as on sbs where you have to wade through porn, on kerri-anne you have to wade through lots of thinly veiled advertising for stuff like knives that can cut through cars and shit.

anyway. enough with mels theory of tv
im gonna go play something.


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