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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

coin-operated boy. dum. dum.

can you believe that jess and caz were singing this song without understanding what it meant? hell, even my sis got what it meant after a few listens of the chorus.
caz and jess were so stunned when they realised what theyd been singing, they thought it was the dirtiest song ever. like looking at the cover art for half an hour didnt give them any ideas.

someone *evil* (read: my dad) has been eating all the red rock deli chips in the house. seriously. without asking if anyone else wanted anymore. thats just mean.
anyway so i confronted him, with my sis for backup and asked him if he knew who had eaten the chips cos i hadnt and yon hadnt and mum doesnt eat them, sort of obviously pointing the finger at him in a semi-polite way... and he flat out denied it..
oh well. next time i open a packet it is staying in my room until I have finished with them.

chem prac test. lets not talk about it. i liked half and fully destroyed the other half. seriously, usually i dont mind getting tests back, i mean what can i do about it now anyway. but i kinda never want to see that piece of paper again. ever. soo embarrassing.

sigh. im getting embarrassed by a weirdo test score.
my life is over.

as they say in that atrocious "song" ( i emphasis atrocious here)
"no you don't know what its li-i-ike"

oh just leave me with my self-indulgent pretension willya?



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