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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

le inquisition

in other words:
questions to which i would be delighted to have an answer to because theyre really starting to bug me:

a) why does the text of this blog come at the bottom? and not at the top where it should, and where everyone else's does

b) why, oh why (heeh i always wanted to say that) did margaret and david move from the sbs to the abc. they smell, and the pretension, oh the pretension. what was aunty thinking?

c) who were those people who took over jay and the doctor on monday morning? i realise that the frenzal boys are not what anyone would call the epitome (oh just look it up already) of good breakfast radio, but at least they can accept it and do whatever life has asked of them. these guys were so annoying i wanted to get a really big hammer and smash all the radios in the house

d) i hate school. hey it may not be a question, but it is a totally valid statement. and no i do not want everyone to tell me why i hate school. its just a state of affairs that may be questionable, but there is really no point in wasting the time and energy on asking why. like why avril lavigne is popular or why the earth turns the way it does.

e) erm. hang on there are loads more in here i just cant remember. in the meantime, here's one from my sis: "why can't i have a *cool* sister???" kinda self-explanatory i would have thought. i mean really, when your definition of "cool" is someone who hangs in the city or at hurstville 24/7 and has a thousand techies as ex-boyfriends and wears pants that fall down to shame even plumbers, and tops that look like they are going to explode and hair that is totally straight, but falling apart like straw because of all the chemicals smeared over the scalp every spare weekend and can recite the current top 40 "hits" that are practically all generically engineered sound bytes that were designed, made, produced and sold on a piece of machinery with frell-all human interaction and that sounds like air passing through a freakin kazoo.....
i dunno why she thinks im not "cool". really.

oh and one final one for today, folks:
f) why did i decide to do extension 2 english, but more to the point, why did i decide to do extension 1 maths. stoopid. stoopid. should never have reached above my abilities. i am going to stuff up this test sooo badly i just know it. and dont tell me to stop wasting my time writing this thing when i should be studying..... you think that will solve all my problems? seriously. if i dont know this dren by now there is absolutely no chance that i will be able to learn it before thursday. frack frack frack frack frack frack frack.

im gonna go pig out on red rock deli chips. this is not some sort of paid-for plug. ahhh the insidious nature of current advertising. no they are just nice-tasting potato chips. dont try them if you dont wanna. but in my completely unpaid-for opinion, i think they taste nice.

catchas all sometime later. maybe. or else ill just avoid eye contact and walk past like i didnt see you.

nick off everyone. leave me alone to sulk.



Blogger mels said...

im commenting on my own dren
the pretension...the pretension!

man i gotta go pee.

March 15, 2005 11:24 am


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