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Sunday, March 27, 2005

there's no-one here be-side me-eeee

only cos nowadays there usually is.
we set up our two computers next to each other, so when im on one, yonny's on the other (because she's always on at least one).
yes. it is awkward.


this whole long weekend thing is kinda cool. what really pisses me off is that we have to go back to school for 9 days, then we have another 2 week holiday. im not complaining about the extra holidays, just about the school in between. if i wasnt in year twelve i would just conscientiously object and not go.

so anyway. in other news, family BBQ last night was pretty funny. everyone was talking about how many assignments they already got, then all heads swiveled in my direction and they were like, "hey mel, you got any assignments yet?"
i felt like laughing in their faces. that sort of thing is what causes hysteria.
they looked at me funny then i go, "erm. yr 12 is one loooong assignment"
and everyone just gives each other the "oh poor mel, she is too stressed out" look.
or as my sis has suddenly started saying:
"geez louise!"
which is yes, kind of odd, and yes, kind of disturbingly scary.

bec and i have created several monsters in the form of ploy and mary. they used to be quite normal, kind of dysfunctional, and they used to ignore us everytime we talked about anything that interested us. then one day. (bom-bom-boooom)
they. discovered. tripod.
*flashes of lightning and an evil voice going "muaha-muaha-muahahahahhahaha"*
yeh. now theyre obsessed.

example #1:
divz: hey lets all make toasts for bec's birthday. ploy you go first so i can go last.
nat: divs that just means you'll have to make up a really good one to outdo everyone else.
divz: oh. wait hang on-
ploy: um. i love you becsy, but i love gatesy more.

and then the truth hit me. we created monsters, obsessed with tripod.
ploy says she wants to marry all of them. sigh.
mary says her theme song is "always get into stuff":

"always get into stuff" by tripod.

Scod: I always get into stuff,
Just as it's finishing being cool.
I'm never quite brave enough,
To take a chance on something new.
That's for someone else to do,
Tripod: Oo-oo-ooo-oo.
I'm never too far behind,
I follow the trends.
But I never take any risks,
I'm not ahead of the pack.
I'm just with the pack,
Towards the back.
Scod: I know all about moshing,
They do it in pits.
I'm really quite the Pearl Jam fan,
I just bought their greatest hits.
Tripod: Oh, I'm thinking of getting a nose ring,
Now that I've seen one on Neighbours.
I always get into stuff,
Scod: Just as it's finishing being cool.
I got a razor scooter out the back
Which I bought in 2002
Scod: Taking a chance
Thats just not for me,
If there's four levels of cool
Then I'm on level three
It goes: freakishly cool people first
Cool people next, then there's me
Tripod: And then my mum
Neh-nehnup neh-ne
Neh-nehnup neh-ne
Neh-nehnup neh-ne
Neh-nehnup neh-ne

I never try to set the trend,
Gatesy: 'Cause I've been hurt before.
Tripod: The only time I went out on a limb,
Gatesy: It didn't work out for the best.
Tripod: A bandanna round my chest,
Over a vest.
Tripod: I always get into stuff
Just as its finishing being cool
Taking such big fashion risks
Thats for rock stars to do
You can afford
To wear whatever you like
When you get that much poontang

Do you like that word?
I think its cool
What do you think?
Me neither!


smell yas later.


Blogger natbat kersplat said...

Alas, I cannot take credit for confusing Divya, though I'm fairly certain I insulted her during this conversation. :)

March 28, 2005 4:23 pm


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