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Saturday, March 26, 2005

you're our only hope

which is not, as you may have thought, a line from star wars, but is in fact a line from the lion king.
nala: simba, you have to return to the pridelands, you're our only hope.
or some yotz like that.

happy birthday to be-ec
her place is cool. they have a frackin music room with like 2 pianos. in the same room. i tell you its flipping mental.

and. erm. so.
stargate atlantis is coming. i dont wanna watch it. i think im spending too much time vegetating in front of the telly. not that theres anything wrong with that but i have the sinking feeling that it is wrecking my two remaining eyeballs big-time. and everyone else seems to have this mistaken belief that i should be doing something "constructive" with my time. like what? building model aeroplanes (not that there's anything wrong with model airplanes, i just think its a little bit of a waste of time - yes i can talk).

and. i dont think ill go to the easter show. after nat referred to it, i went to my sis' blog and realised that i really dont wanna go if its anything like what she claims it is. hasnt that purple dishwasher noticed the invention of the punctuation mark? although she actually does talk like that so i suppose she may have a point.

oh - purple dishwasher. i think it was ross noble on the glass house, and the article was about an englishman getting upset because of the "racial slur": "pommy git". which, if you think about it, is not really a racial slur at all. its more like a definition. like "aussie bludger".
anyway so ross made the point that the only way to insult people and not be whacked in the arse with a lawsuit for defamation is to call them really stoopid things. so that when they turn up to court and say "so-and-so called me a prancing earphone" theyll just be laughed out of town. its an insult but it kind of makes no sense out of context. hence purple dishwasher.

la-la-la. saw bride and prejudice. hehehehehe. its funny in a sort of painful way. if i was actually indian i think i would just break down and cry at its lame-ness. i think ill lend mary a *classic* bollywood movie and see what she thinks. she seemed to like the single dance sequence in the entire movie, so i wonder what she will think of a continuous dance sequence that lasts 3 hours.

i can hear heavy breathing.

aka - shaking in fear of the evil force approaching.


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