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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

olmos' son

do you know? i dont care about the contextual differences between fracking blade runner and brave new frellin g world.
seriously. how is this helping me be a better person to fit into the big wide world out there?
i will never, ever need to use this knowledge, ever again. ever.
but my entire future depends on it. is it just me or is there something wrong with this system?

o my sp acebar key is stuff ed on this computer so ojust deal with the crappy typing abilities.

i dont know why i bother with battlestar anymore. its not that good, and i have better things to do. okay they are only slightly better in a sort of mel viewpoint subjective way. so what?

and i dont want to do my homework. bleh bleh belh belh bl eh b;eh ebleh e jekg seafuy
wow look i made up a new word.

a couple of things i dont understand:
why my sister has dan brown books, cos frankly i never read worse pieces of literature - hah! literature. ive never read a worse combination of words on a page than those in that "book". and what kind of book has the endorsement:
"not since harry potter have i read a book so hard to put down"
enough said.

and the tv show jeopardy. (not the US gameshow, the australian-scottish (or is it irish?) tv show with the hand-held cameras and UFOs). i mean you can find decent websites on everything on the net. like anything. from camel spit to radioactive fish species , and there is not one site on jeopardy. yes that is a challenge. and give me the url if you find it.

saw pau l hester on rockwiz the other night. talk about freaky timing. i thin he died the day before they aired the ep. weird stuff. poor donna simpson was singing with him and it was sooo cool. she must be a little bit freaked now.

if you just put your hand in mine
you're gonna leave all your troubles behind.
you're gonna walk and don't look back
(don't look back)

doo doo dot n doo.



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