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Monday, April 11, 2005

the pursuit of actual knowledge

as opposed to trivial pursuit.
man i suck at that game. seriously. we played star wars and harry potter and i think i managed to lose both because....
i dont know jack about anything.

well. now that mel has managed to discuss her ineptitude... or inept-ness... or whatever the hell you wanna call it,

read starship troopers the book. that was better than i expected. except carmen was really called carmencita (with a wiggly line above one of the letters), ace was not rico's best friend, his dad didn't die in buenos aires and dizzy flores was a man. who dies in the first chapter. man that is confusing. you really have no idea how off-putting that is. i mean in the movie it took ages to build up to a point where johnnie and dizzy sleep together in a tent on P or wherever, but she (or rather, he) dies straight out in the book. its really playing with your head.

the thing is this: there's a really good tripod lyrics site but it doesnt have a bunch of the latest songs. which is, as you can imagine, quite annoying.

so, to contribute to the store of general knowledge, not just trivia about certain box-office smashing motion films, im gonna include some tripod lyrics here.
if you dont like them, dont read.
not as funny without the music, but the words are still pretty random:

old money - tripod

Yonny: I'm...... at a moment in my life
When I want more than just a pretty little head
Some random girl to warm my bed no instead
I'm gonna hold out cos I finally know exactly what I want

Scod: Old money, old money
I'd really like to meet a girl who comes from
Tripod: Old money, old money
Some pointless twit who thinks I'm scum

Yonny: She' to be the kind of girl
Who wouldn't know
How to toast a piece of bread
The kind of girl who if you said
'Where's the laundry?' she would answer
'How the hell would I know is it near the stables?'

Gatesy: And at the table
I would mispronounce the food and she would laugh at me
Her parents scowl
As I get confused by all the fancy cutlery
They're just plain better than me

Tripod: Old money
Old money
Ooh yeah, ooh yeah

Yonny: She'll....always be extremely rude
To the help
And when she's not around
The help will then be rude to me
Cos they can see I've got no place here,
She's just using me to get back at her father

Gatesy:And the butler
Tripod: is the only one who's ever really nice to me
We play at dice and he teaches me the finer points of falconry
Until the night her father summons him up to the study
The next day we go fishing him and me
I'm unpacking my sandwich when he throws me in the water
And bashes me with an oar until I drown
Gatesy: Yeah, that'd be sweet

Scod: Old money
Old money
She'll look back on me as just a fad
Tripod: Old money
Old money
She's only using me to get at her dad

remember: Humans are SUPERIOR!



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