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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

terence higgs

was the name of the harry potter character played by the guy from sir gadabout
if you dont know what im talking about then you're probably a saner person than i am.
you know. his name was will and he was gadders' squire. then he left in the second season. no. he didnt even leave. they just started the second season and he wasnt there. there was some spanish dude named juan or something equally lame.
sorry to anyone named juan out there, but it was meant to be a sort of loosely based comedy around king arthur and the knights of the round table. how could they possibly have a guy named juan there.
and all the URST between will and eleanora....
just like that, gone.
and sir prano.
seriously you cant just replace the guy and stick a similar looking wig on him and pretend that nothing ever happened. its a DIFFERENT GUY.
and i think sir prise was asian or something. now thats just not right.

Look i found the name of fracking little juan: Juan Carlos Felipe Inglesias de Frisco the Fourth.
and it used to be such a good show too.

anyway. this all came up because i was bored an procrastinating about doing my homework and i did half of my ext 2 thingy already, and i read all the books i borrowed.
so i reread harry potter. for only the second time in my life. calm down.
yes. and the slytherin seeker in the first book (before stoopid malfoy bought his way in) was called terence higgs. and that is the guy who will played.

oh hang on i know why im confused now. his real name is will too. will theakston for everyone playing at home.

so. here's a tripod song. shout out to ploy.

"the love of three men" - tripod

Gatesy: Picture a man, or a lady
standing alone.
Standing on stage, spreading joy
by means of a microphone.
Standing alone
*guitar riff*
Tripod: Faces light up
Yonny: And you know you've done well
But when the lights and the curtain come down
You're as lonely as he-ll.
Scod: Standing alone.
Always alone.
Yonny: But we're never alone-
Scod & Gatesy: Picture a man, with a man on each side
or a man with two men on his right.
Or a man with two men on his left
man, man, man
what a si-ght.
Scod: We're never alone.
Tripod: We're backin' each other up..
We've got the love of three men!
The love of three me-n
We've got the love of three men!
The love of three me-n.
*guitar quiet*
Tripod: Three men.
One guitar.
A whole lot of love
Amounting to the
love of three men.

Farscape quote number two.
John: Whatcha doin', Pip?
Chiana: I'm having sex with three Hynerian donkeys! What does it look like I'm doing?
(oh. i should probably explain. she's not having sex with three hynerian donkeys, whatever they are, she's just eating crackers. because they DO matter)



Blogger Xoán V said...

Will Theakston, who played Master Will Watford in Sir Gadabout and Marcus Flint in Harry Potter.

July 11, 2017 8:26 pm


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