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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

The Fractured Listless. The introduction

so erm.
the point of all this is not to put the story up so everyone can plagiarise it (although i think i would feel strangely complimented if someone thought it was good enough for that), but to get as many people as i can to read this, easily. it was taking to long just passing the bloody... erm what to call it?...."manuscript" around the group etc.
so here, for all your enjoyment and insulting laughter and probably mostly useless criticism.
no actually i take that back. please say whatever you want.

BIG NOTE! i didnt know that it would turn out like this. well okay, i probably should have known its pretty frelling obvious, but the posts are all the wrong way around.
PLEASE>>> START AT CHAPTER ONE and go chronologically. if you're bored i guess you can go backwards. tell me if it still makes sense...tho it barely does the right way around.

i apologise... some of the layout is a bit dodge, because its blogger.... (no dissin, just the truth). prolly my fault cos i dun really know what im doing on this thingy...

anyway. i believe the "acceptable parlance" (oooh a mckay quote!), is erm. let me get this rite...




all of this stuff is copyright mel. please dont steal it. i will find out where you live and i will hunt you down and kill you slowly with millions of tiny papercuts. you will collapse and die of massive blood loss.
oh. the irony. the irony.



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