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Sunday, September 04, 2005


so thats the word of the month, and yes im using it to describe me.
bloody hell, you would think with all the extra-curricular yr 12 dren and the hsc coming up i would have more to do, but yet again, my laziness has won out and im refusing to do anything except read hyprocritical political slandering blogs and fanfic.
and of course, yonny has switched keyboards again so im stuck with the frelled-up 6 yr old keyboard with the stuck spacebar.
i hate editing.

so an yways, handed in extension 2 major work, so thats one less thing to pretend to worry abo ut, and i think im getting a bit over average in m,ost of my subjects. except maths3U. ive decided to give up on that - it can be the spare unit im keeping just cos of dad.

bloody hell the enter button is stuck too/. this blog's gonna take bleeding hours.

so. dad's finally painted yonny's room. its pink. like, really really pink. i suppose it was partly my fault, but i did stop her trying to paint the ceiling green as well, so i did my bit already. anyhoo. after all her whinging about wanting to go to the footy, she ended up deciding not to cos its too cold and wet. hah.

so then i was watching press gang cos caz and ploy loaned me their dvds. omigosh i forgot how much i liked that show. the acting s great and caz is right, the scripts are hilarious. and t heres always dex when you run out of reasons to watch.

we can be heroes finished. it was so good too " you dont have to be a sarcastic bitch about it!"
i can t believe hanabi watches it. and she lent me her little britain dvd. which is also funny. "i'm a lady!" and "yeah-i-know" and "margeret!" and my personal fave, only cos it annoys yon so much "its so hard being the only gay in the village"

okays i gotta at least make an effort to try and write some mockassembly scripts. why does everyone like the new doctor more than the last 8? i mean, tom baker guys...

yeh. bye


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