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Saturday, September 10, 2005

this is a really big ad!

no its not
but seriously the mock assembly is gonna be hi-larious.
no im not telling. it just is.

stuff i'm into at the moment:
press gang (there are crocodiles)
band of brothers
the SFK song 'pinstripe' (dempsey's acoustic version - i know its old but i'm slowly making my way through every song for about a week each)
the lee ross song at the end of season 2 of press gang (you dont feel for me)
reading sg-1 season nine transcripts because aussie tv is so slack (yo! you wanna be in sg-1?)
downloading the new docudots off the school computers because my sis smells.
trying to avoid yon's room because it is so pink
learning the 'belle' theme from beauty and the beast on piano
reeling from the last ep of 'taken' (i knew i'd seen dr chet from somewhere - he was the original max headroom)
pretending that because i never have to go to school again in 2 weeks, it means i also never have to do anymore school work or study (oh just leave me alone)
worrying about the US trip and mourning over new orleans
trying to keep my eyes open to watch the cricket and forsyte saga (see, even anita agrees that damian lewis is the best ever)
oh - and the re-invigoration of the dex obsession.

i guess that last one is kind of related to the press gang and BoB thingys. but i just dug up my copy of bugsy malone. awwww. all the little kids are so cute. weird to think that babyface is pushing 40 and jodie foster is, well, old now.

right. ive had the comp the whole day, and i really feel like i ought to not only have done some schoolwork but also written something good here, but i just dont have the energy and i think hustle is going to be on in a bit.
(o. ABC rocks my socks (or as bec would say: flips my pancake) at the moment. theres MDA and spicks and specks and forsyte saga and arthur...)

here's some typical MHS convo:
divz: mel, want me to sing 'i believe i can fly'?
mel: what, like 'i can touch the sky'? that song?
divz: yeah mel, i can touch your sky...
mel: bloody hell. i dont want you anywhere near my sky.

and then, in true MHS tradition, zinger and divz made up a whole song, wrote it on a gloria jeans tissue and serenaded me in public, based on that ambiguous metaphor. bloody english poetry analysis...
bloody frelling hell. tell me again how i ended up with such i bunch of weirdos? (guys, come on. you know i love youse all)

and frank john hughes and chad donella were both on monk tonight, linking in with my BoB and taken obsessions.
dude. i really need to get out more.

okay im bored now so here are some lyrics:

lee ross 'you dont feel for me' (from 'the big finish' ep of press gang)

I'm lost and still I'm running
My feet don't leave the ground
Something keeps me in this forsaken place,
It's like a sense of lost that maybe one day found

Oh every night I stay up late,
And I watch that night TV
At breakfast hell it wakes me up,
There's a song that's left for me

I can feel the wind and the sun and the rain,
It's all around, it's telling me
That I should shoot right out of town
I can feel now, my heart keeps in motion,
Telling me what I left when, oh everything
The winds they're turning me around

I don't believe in lies
You lead us to believe
I've got to get to realise,
You don't feel for me
You don't feel for me

spike and lynda '4-eva' (as they say on the street)

sports report:
go the swannies, the dragons (piss off divz, at least i live here), the aussie cricket team, lley-lley, and whoever else you reckon i should be affiliated with

okay. catchas.
10 days of school left. ever.
damn i need to do more downloading at school.

pps. yon smells. like really. her room pongs of turps left from cleaning up the painting stuff.

farscape quote.
rygel: i am nobody's puppet!
( because he is a muppet character by the hensons)
everyone watch sg-1 season nine when it finally gets here. the whole ben-claud-shanks thing is gonna be GREAT!

byee. for real this time


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