no longer an exclusively vicarious one.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

but boss, this is how i got my name...

and since the hsc is all-but-over, ive decided to knuckle down on this thing and actually commit.
welcome to the new age of the trichorder2 blog.

now shut up everyone, i know i still have a few (4?) more exams to go, but as ive been telling everyone for the last year-and-a-half (to much disbelief), I. Dont. Care. im just gonna rock up and make something up. its not like ill ever have to see these essays ever again, anyways.

theres a pretty cool pic going around of a burning journeys stimulus booklet. it kinda sums up the entire hsc experience.

but, speaking of experiences, im gonna talk about mine. the vicarious experience (thinking of renaming my blog that, whaddya reckon?): TV.

the latest thing im 'digging' is that new justine clarke one, the surgeon. its pretty good, but after 2 eps i feel i cant really say much about the whole vibe of the show. matt newton (whom ten tried to talk up a bit, prolly mostly cos of his surname) appeared for a sum total of about 2 minutes in last thursday's ep about a fat guy undergoing some kind of stomach bypass. complications abounded of course, but what most confused me was that the characters were a little bit disjointed. i blame this mostly on the network (as i always do), who decided (for some obscure reason) to play the second ep before the pilot, thus ruining any character development at all. dash, the anaesthetist, was surly and annoying this week, but more understandable last week, and that intern was like a totally different character. it really threw me off. i know that the half hour show was never meant to be a 'drama' or anything, but if you wanna tell a story you gotta get the characters right (one of the issues i had with doing frontline at school - apologies to my class who had to put up with my pointing it out all the time). but i think, if ten give the show a couple of weeks, and back it with some good (or even mediocre) promos, it should settle in. of course, knowing the commercial networks, if it doesnt sell sell sell within two weeks, itll get canned immediately - the alice anyone?

this is interesting:
my fav part, music to my ears (the first time i can say that about this show):

"Idol has slumped so badly that it is unlikely to be renewed for 2006, which will leave a big programming hole. "




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Blogger mels said...

bloody flying....
i thought they had a system to stop this. shows what i know.

October 25, 2005 1:40 pm


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