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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

fit to print

theres not a lot really, going on in my life, so heres bits from the big wide world theyre always telling us about at school (if you ask me, theres no such thing and its just a myth the teachers use to fool us into believing that there is a reason to learn the cos rule)

mediawatch last night had an interesting segment on the govs new anti-terrorism laws, and how it may start to hinder free speech. tim blair ( seems to have seen the bit different to how i did (different *readings* anyone?) but, well everyone knows where press restrictions lead to... and is it just me or can we get the old mediawatch guy back again.. i dont like liz so much, her reading the autocue strikes me as a bit too forced. not that ive ever tried or anything.

oooh. and i found this somewhere, which is majorly majorly cool:
but i wonder who they will cast as westley and buttercup.

now this is a pretty cool site. will i get arrested for saying that?
its just interesting to see how they are talking out the western world, when all the news we ever hear about is about dodgy plumbers, old horses and princess mary. oh, and the hoff at the moment. there i was sitting at home, minding my own business and mistakenly believing that that bloody email-a-hoff phase was over and done with, and bloody mr mcmanus has to start it all up again. not to mention the man himself decides to take a holiday here. is it just me or was it really scary when he started singing that freedom song in the middle of the arias?

the one other thing i need to get off my back (well, ok there are a few gazillion other things, but school just finished and joho will be coming back soon) is that show 'brainiacs'. im sorry but its horrible. really amazingly offensive. and im not just talking about the annoying hammy brit host-guy, or the large-breasted girls in bikinis (who remind me strangely of the alien 'really hot chicks' in dude, wheres my car), or the rampant use of explosives for no good reason. theres the fact that channel 10 are trying to pretend its a great 'mythbusters' type thing, trying to (and im only guessing here) appeal to the 'geek' demographic who they believe are into that sort of thing. i think they need to talk to the folks at acnielsen or something because no one finds that show amusing. its stupid, moronic and lame. and now ive bagged it out i feel much better.



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