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Thursday, October 27, 2005

jumping on the bandwagon

oh the hypocrisy of it. well, yes. i know i tend to go on and on about the world and the media and how its annoying that ppl think theyre cool when theyre not. so here is my disclaimer. i know its sad, lame, late whatever. i make no attempts at trying to be 'hip' (can you tell), but this is stuff that i find interesting, and maybe you wanna read too.
so heres a nice little comparison to add new perspective to your day:
wherein someones (dunno who) try to put together a number that no one wants to talk about. i like the quote at the bottom "change the channel". i kinda sums it all up at the moment. although, you dont really have to change the channel, cos the networks have decided not to play that kind of thing anyway (and from a marketing point of view, this makes absolute sense)

and here:
even though theyre always telling us about the poor sods who died everyday, bravely sallying forth on dubya's personal crusade for ... actually i dont think anyone knows what for anymore. you never hear that number, 2002. hits a little too close, maybe.
hmmm. no reference to australia at all (although bulgaria is in the other list). i agree with wil anderson.
"its wednesday night, the national day of austria. president bush sent john howard some flowers".
do they even know where this country is?

and i read somewhere that some hairdresser is giving the 'condi flip' as a special. caz, i reckon your mum would love it. =P



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