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Monday, October 31, 2005

newfangled technology

apparently, the government wants to introduce some kind of watchlist that people can sign on to to stop telemarketers from calling them at ungodly hours.
the woman they got on to talk about it on sunrise (yeah. my family watches it, so...) said something about it being monitored by extremely complex computer systems. um.. i dont know if that was meant to reassure people or make them decide its not worth spending our moneys on.
tech is getting ridiculous at the moment though. i was watching something on telly about mr gates expanding microsoft into home entertainment. but one of the guys on the program said that it probably wouldnt happen for a while because people are used to tv sets that turn on and off and change channel. no one has ever heard of a tv or vcr 'crashing' in the middle of you watching something, and no matter how possibly 'cool' microsoft can come up with a home entertainment set that can play, record, wash dishes and give massages, they have a reputation for falling to bits at the worst times.
i dont know if that guy was right. he has a more than valid point, but people nowadays are willing to put up with anything and everything, as long as they have the coolest and newest 'stuff' to fidget with in front of everyone else.
speaking of which, my sis finally got a new phone. her friends pooled their money and bought an lg flippy thingy with a camera. which is all pretty cool really. and if youre wondering why im happy that she got a new phone, well let me just tell you, you have no idea how bad the whinging and going on-and-on-and-on-and-on can get. one of my aunts from malyasia (dont ask the relation, its beyond my memory capacity) came over last night and halfway through joho's speech on something or another, she turned to us with her mouth hanging a bit and said, 'wow. she talks erm very fast'. which is so distressingly true.
but anyhoo. our computers are being blah so i cant do anything much on the net till next month. tomorrow. oh wells.

btw, the extension test was bor-ing. the questions were just a bit predictable (after all mr mo's exhorting that the board was almost definitely gonna do something out of the ordinary this year), and the stimulus picture was a bit ghei. but its over now, so whatever.



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