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Friday, November 25, 2005


so this is what happened yesterday:

i turn up at 10am at donut king in hursty.
i cannot find caz and jess. but i do see ploy who was jobhunting. apparently she was rejected from the icecream place cos she wasnt chinese. oh that is both amusing and distressing.
i go to priceline and buy hair 'product' (meanwhile i cant believe ive taken to calling it 'product').
i go to the bookstore and buy myself some cheap deaver.
it is 10:30am.
i get nervous that caz might have meant next thusday.
i sms caz.
i do not hear the msg back.
jess calls back. she says she is at donut king with caz, and WHERE THE HELL AM I?
i say i am at a bookstore and where is she exactly?
she replies donut king. but they will come to GJs, having realised that i am talking about the donut king inside westfield, but they were talking about the one inside the station.
i walk past GJs. i do not see them.
i call them again, and after much confusion, owing to the fact that caz doesnt know how to turn up the talk volume on her phone, i walk past GJs again. only to finally see jess waving her arms.

we went to see corpse bride, as i said, bought some cheap clothes, made fun of even cheaper clothes, and seriously considered buying a $5 green polka dot dress.
the whole expedition was actually so that i could buy jess and caz the chocolate eclair i owed them from school. of course i couldnt find a $2 coin, so jess ended up paying. again. thus setting up another outing sometime in the future, in which time i may actually buy them the eclair.
oh - and if you were interested, caz and jess didnt like the one we bought. but i just think thats cos theyre so used to the dodgy ones we used to get at school, that they wouldnt know a good, 'gourmet' eclair if it shoved itself up their noses. no offence guys. =P

things to organise, in a non-vicarious way: GOF outing, dec 19 school morning tea, press gang party, packing for atwt, buying of something vaguely resembling a 'travel diary' so i can do something productive on the world trip (dont ask, we found some when we mistakenly followed ploy into marija's newsagency...)



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