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Friday, November 25, 2005

do you remember?

godnabbit. i remember why i hate lj now. everytime i use it for more than 10 minutes it decides to crash my whole computer. and, making the mistake of looking at ljs while writing this blog, i have now lost a pretty interesting, lengthy piece of writing to the miserable, unending place that is that place in the internet where all the lost bits of writings go.

this smells.

no politics today. the news is too boring. all ive seen today is somethings on van nguyen, a bunch of bushy-eyebrowed white fellows in malta, the queen in malta (theres a joke there but i cant be stuffed), someone from labour (not mr beasley for obvious reasons, like hes a useless idiot) exhorting that we cant 'trust' mr howard (duh!), more footage of mr howard's pathetic attempts at bowling from yesterday, and oh - more cricket. i love justin langer, hes so funny.

and is it just me, or does red symonds kind of remind you of professor snape? i mean, he wears black on black on black, is surly, knows way too much about stuff no one cares about, and used to be a headmaster of some school (he also used to be in the skyhooks, but really, how much do we know of professor snape's past?). i only bring it up cos he was on that 'brainiest comedian' show last night with ms sully. i hate ms sully on that show. shes annoying. but hamish and andy were on, as well as colin lane/lano [I DONT KNOW!!!, SOHO!]. and fleety and bob downe (who is actually quite smart). it was crap that there was only one woman there, and that woman was libby gore. i said to yon, 'what about some other girl comediennes, like urm, corinne... oh okay i see'. theres not many who arent tied down to some other network at the moment. and any of the other funny ones - kath and kim, magda, o'loughlin, sue-ann pope, probably have too much self-respect to be on a show like that. incidentally, if youre interested, mikey robins somehow managed to take home the trophy. says a lot about the show, really.

right. what the post that i lost said was that i saw this really cool program last night on the abc. i love the abc. it was a 1-hour 'movie', that was really a bunch of moving pictures and a tear-jerker plot that was to accompany a set of really quite nice, aussie songs, mostly by paul kelly. you gotta love paul kelly. his music is so... pretty. i loved the stuff he did for fireflies (the aussie CFS show, not the sciffy josh whedon - although both were canned right when they shouldnt have been), and obviously whoever is doing the music for 'the alice' also liked it. although there are not too many styles to choose from when writing the music for an outback drama, really. i think the film was called 'one night the moon'. someone called it 'aboriginal country opera' and it really was. the most beautiful thing i have seen and heard in a while. i wanna get on dvd if possible. apparently it was released, but i think im gonna have to search hard to find it. damn. shoulda taped it.



Blogger natbat kersplat said...

On Red Symonds, yes. Also, remember that Australian National IQ Test on nine? He was the highest-scoring celebrity. Not that the test was any good, it was rigged, but still.

November 25, 2005 2:13 pm


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