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Thursday, November 24, 2005

game on

okay. so the IF awards were on last night. i always liked the IFs better than the AFI's cos its a bit more, how do you say, hardcore. its smaller, more intimate and less, well, commercially-driven. adam elliott and magda szubanski were pretty funny (i spelt it wrong, didnt i?), and sbs did a good job. even with that cinematographer who tried to announce the winner before the v/o woman had said the nominees.
but apparently channel nine, our 'beloved' channel nine, is not going to be doing such a good job with their coverage of the AFIs, which are supposed to be flashier and more mainstream. theyre putting it on at 10;55pm, and the awards ceremony itself has chucked an 'oscars' and split into two halves - one for the artisans and craft awards and one for the actors, directors and whatever else awards. the 'real' awards. even in this, we've decided to follow the US. its pathetic and embarrassing. apparently, channel nine are trying to get the audience from the premiere screening of COS to stay on and watch the oz awards. as if the kids watching that movie are going to remain on the sofa at 11pm on a saturday night and watch people theyve probably never seen before make speeches on the free trade agreement and whatnot. these are not the oscars, and i really dont think anyone should be pretending that they are as mainstream and 'cool' as them.

other stuff ive done recently, is watch the new tim burton, corpse bride. ill have to agree with ploy. barkes was the best character, almost entirely due to richaid e grant. there really ought to be a society to fight for more richard e grant on the telly. johnny depp was great, although i reckon he downplayed the main character, victor a bit. elfman did an alright job on the music. i wasnt too sure about some of the songs, but the main theme was real pretty. and i was waiting for richard to sing, but oh well. i reckon there should be a burton 'nightmare' boxset or something, with beetlejuice, nightmare before xmas, and corpse bride. i would buy that in an instant. a bit of a niche in the industry, really, the semi-kids, semi-cartoon, horror feature. and burtons got the whole market really.

one last thing i gotta address in this post. livejournal vs blogger. i know plenty of people probably have their own, well-researched opinions of the matter, but i wanna get mine down before i forget and do something silly. like transplant myself over there.
i like blogger. i reckon more people use it who have something to say about the world. of course there are an equally large portion who use it to drabble on about nothingness and their lives (read:my sister). lj is more of a community where groups of people can deal with each other real easy. id like to talk to those people, but at the same time, i like the feeling and implications of having this blog. the way i can say something and get it down without ever having to worry about anyone ever reading it. (probably defeating the purpose, but hey, what doesnt?). so both have their pros and cons, but you can only have one, because its a bit redundant to be saying the same dren over and over again. i, of course, have my foot firmly in both camps, usign one to pretend to be communicating and sociable, and the other to actually record my albeit random and boring thoughts.

so for now, i choose blogger. and no, im not getting paid. but the lj is alive and kicking, and the Space is, well, in existence (barely). it would be too much to hope for, for a single integrated system, with the best bits of all the different sites. only time will tell i spose.



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