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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

here comes another one...

this sounds familiar:

" "So the information was there, it was known to certain people within government and given the importance of the senator's vote at that point in time I'm sure if he had have asked the right questions he'd have got the right answers." "

this is about senator joyce's allegted pre-knowledge of the telstra job cuts before he voted with the gov... so he knew something and could have easily found out a lot more. but he didnt. im sensing a trend here.

anyways. that headland show was on last night. my first impression is that its a bit crap. i cant believe they commissioned over 50 eps of the show already. im sure it will do well, just to spite me, but whats the point in the networks pumping money into the kind of show that can become the next homeandaway. bring back things like fireflies (the abc CFS show with libby tanner), or always greener or that style of thing. grr.

the movie i wanna see at the moment? corpse bride. it looks hi-larious. aqnd the animation is really cute. yet freaky. sort of like that old nightmare before christmas feature. hey i havent seen that in a while...



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