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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

like it is

now now. i like sbs, and i like how they show programs with seemingly a different value system from all the other networks. its good, its refreshing. but of course, theres always one hockeypuck:

" Rebel Nationals MP Barnaby Joyce has attacked multicultural broadcaster SBS over some of its more risque programs.
Senator Joyce took SBS executives at a Senate committee hearing on Monday to task for broadcasting shows including the homosexual American drama Queer as Folk.
The devout Christian senator also argues many people will be offended by an upcoming British documentary which questions the family of Jesus.
"It just seems peculiar there seems to be a range of examples of things that seem to make it on to SBS, being a father of four kids, ... that wouldn't make it on to other television stations," Senator Joyce told the committee. "

the mans not afraid to call it how he sees it, and thats cool for him. but seriously, if you dont want to watch it, as Brig. Gen. Mark Kimmitt once said, "change the channel".
mr joyce, what are your kids doing up at that time of the night watching a network with a reputation as ... colourful... as sbs, anyways?

but the moment the sbs can't play that kind of show at 10pm (to what i suspect is a reasonably large, if quiet, audience), is the moment you will not be allowed to say what you think, or defy the gov on anything.

... gah. civil liberties are going down the tube, anyways.



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