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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

prim and proms

allright, so the yr 12 formal was on last night. a few weeks ago the family (read: joho's) camera died in spectacular fashion, so i didnt have a digital camera with which to take multiple photos of me smiling the same smile over and over again. what a pity.
didnt mean that everyone else had the same problem, and now i think i have a permanent blind spot from looking at camera flashes, as well as a stiff face from smiling the whole night.
but there was other stuff to do:
  • taste the amazingly, unbelievably disgusting sauce on the cheesecake. you had to taste it to understand. it was just indescribable.
  • jump up and down in heels on the dance floor that was thankfully a bit bigger than the one at starroom from our yr 10 formal
  • take a moment's silence to recognise the compulsory 'thankyou mary' moment. its hilarious how they ignore her right up to the point that they dont. but i am looking forward to the dvd... coming to a computer near you, next yr, development day
  • say hi to mr mo, who came to see us all 'frocked up', seeing as how he started his current run at the school the same year that we did. awww...
  • stare slackjawed at necie's dress, or lack thereof around her back. were those things actually fastened in her skin..?
  • hang around the water cooler after 'shaking your thang' to the sounds of such classics as the macarena, the britney spears medley, and the jitterbug
  • wave your arms in the air to 'i will survive' as the formal finished up. ms murray would have been so proud of us, only our school of 'independently minded young women' would have the theme song to female empowerment as our summative lyrics.

i still cant really believe that we've all finished... its strange to think that ill never have to sit in those classrooms and whinge about whatever the hell we whinged about. no more locker bells, no more roll call, no more hanging out in the canteen lines for a grossly overpriced chicken burger.

ah well.



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