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Thursday, November 24, 2005

reuse, recycle

which is not dissimilar to hughesy's recycling of his jokes, really. actually one of the reasons i like him is because he tends not to use the same jokes over and over again. he quite obviously makes yotz up on the spot. probably why half the time it barely makes sense. of course, thats part of the humour too...

what i wanted to say is that i caught a abc programme on last night about free energy and the possibility of perpetual energy. it comes at a time when a bunch of ploggers and such are talking about energy in relation to the US war on iraq. i recall reading one guy saying that being able to pump up at the bowser, and have running electricity in every home is a birthright or some such of every american. that they are entitled. my gods, is anyone actually listening to this man? this is the sort of thinking that causes wars, crusades and suchlike. its disgusting to hear the 'common man' spout such rubbish, but to have the higher ups repeating it like the ingrained mantra that it seems to have become is downright frightening.
of course, the guys who are working on perpetual energy machines across the world are saying that there is a big conspiracy to cover such inventions up. that there is an actual law that says that all patents can be apprehended by the US military. which not only an amusing conspiracy theory, but an interesting one. the best theories are the ones with a bit of truth in it, and you gotta admit, the creation of free energy would be pretty detrimental for most of the powerful forces in the world right now.
the problem is that theres no way of fixing what we have done to the environment and the socio-political world. there is no easy way of phasing out fossil fuels, especially in the western nations. until we have to. there is a limited supply of the stuff, and when it runs out, thats it. finito. everyone will just have to deal. and i dont think people will. when this happens, and i have the feeling that at the rate we're going now, itll probably happen in my lifetime, we are not going to cope very well. the whole world will be in chaos. the major economies rely on fossil fuels and appliances that run on fossil fuels. there will be no easy changeover.
the reason for this is because people cant seem to grasp that there will be no more, and very soon. we all live in the nownownow, that no one is thinking ahead even to tomorrow let alone in 20 or 50 years. we will all still be alive then, but without any plans. the forward-thinkers are the minority, the 'hippies' setting up solar power in their homes, buying 'green' cars, and encouraging windfarms are the ones who are on the fringe, not the mainstream.
but when fossil fuels run out, when americans' 'god given right' to electricity, petrol and power is snatched away from them by something that they cannot declare war on (the fact there is simply no more left), well, we'll see whos laughing.



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