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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

scratched throats and records

sorry. im not gonna stop about the 'anti-terrorism' laws. its just that no one else is even saying anything. and whether im right or not doesnt even bloody matter this late in the piece, the fact is that everything must be debated and thrown around, and no one is bloody doing that anymore in this flipping country. we're all too slack.
so yeah. i saw a good bit last night on channel 9 about this couple whose house was raided a few years ago by asio and they got assaulted and yotz like that. they got to sue the gov or appropriate body because stinking asio attacked the wrong address.
now is it just me, or is it quite scary that we are going to entrust all these new powers to a group of people who cant even read the street directory...

anyways. mr beasley has decided that he is sick of pretending to be the opposition who can actually oppose anything, and has now decided to save everyone's time by just nodding his head at whatever little johnny has come up with now.

meanwhile the genius engineers we got here in sydney decided it would be fun to dig a big hole in the middle of the street, and are now being confronted with a teetering building that looks like its gonna fall in any second now. hoping that everyone wouldnt notice, they are currently trying to fill it back up with lots of concrete.
um guys? we all saw it already.
maybe the gov dug the whole to distract us from the fact that the dodgy deals going on between it and the tunnel operators are being blown wide open. really. arent there rules against them shutting off all the other roads and forcing people into the tolling tunnel, when they get money out of it too?

anywhos. im still sick, coughing like a ... whatever the appropriate simile is. im trying to nanowrimo, but its not really happening at the moment. ive got a stack of modern notes im trying (and failing) to type up for tomorrow's test. oh- and chem today was pretty funny. it was real bad. no saponification (i learnt all those sulfonate structures for nothing), no acid stuff (other than the 5 mark history question), no rubber, no sulfuric acid (the safety doesnt count), no air pollution, geez. its a joke.

and happy eid everyone for tomorrow. i only fasted about half the month cos mum wouldnt let me whenever i had exams, but im still looking to collect all my moneys anyway. and mum made green jelly... yay. =P


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