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Thursday, November 24, 2005

the show that never end

yes it goes on and on, and on and on.
so check this out:
yay! so now both claud and ben are gonna take over sg-1. so atlantis is basically old stargate, and now stargate is basically old farscape. whos complaining?
unfortunately, rowan woods missed out on best director at last nights IF's, but having only seen bits and pieces of 'look both ways' i think perhaps ms watt (or is it watts?) is a more than worthy recipient. not that you should take my word for any of this.
another one ive been watching is the new series of secret life. kyle from the old series headstart is now a regular, as is brooke harman (remember when she was little in pirate islands?), and aaron pederson and ben mendelsohn were on this week. so cool.
stu is my favourite character at the moment, but i agree with everyone else, that the show has become something else since claud karvan and sam johnson left. its definitely not as fantastic, but its still a good, easy watch. and was that guy marcus the nurse from all saints?
anyways. rhys muldoon was on glasshouse finale this week. not as funny, and the xmas abc special got awarded to spicks and specks this year, but its always a good show. heres to hoping it never goes stale, although they may need some new stuff to keep it real for much longer.
okay byee.

staanz from ep 1.13 farscape (aka rhys muldoon):
you know im the femal of my species...?


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