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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

tonight, on sick sad world...

right. a few updates.
natbat made me do nanowrimo this year, but i have exams till thursday, and i figure im gonna be busy most weekends, as well as dren like the formal, and formal shopping next week so i have no idea when im sposed to write my 50k. itll get done though. natbats got me on pain of death, so...

and i caught the second half of that mary bryant show last night. respect for romola garai has been substantially increased from the showing in danny deronda.
(ps. what is *with* jamie bamber's facial hair in that show...!?)
but yeah, its been a while since ive seen tony martin and abe forsythe and stephen curry on the telly, so with the exception of some of their accents, it was a really good showing. the series is making a bunch of peeps say that 'this proves the miniseries is not dead', but i dont think that was ever much in doubt. things like the original alice mini and that little oberon and david wenham's thingy were really good. comparing some of the production values of some of these shows with some of the dodgy overseas stuff just proves that its the audiences and the networks here that are condemning oztv. dont get me wrong, its still getting made, just at a far lesser pace.
when we finally throw off the shackles of reality tv (drawn together was hilarous on monday btw), the networks will have to realise that they have to give us something more substantial than series after series of b-grade celebrity competitions. theyll have no ability to play reruns of, say, the first series of BB, so it follows that theyll actually have to support something original. of course, with mr howards free trade stuff, its not even necessary for that support to have to go to something local, but heres hoping.



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