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Monday, November 28, 2005

we have a bobsled team!

singings overrated. i know i say that about a lot of things, but really. getting up in front of a bunch of people with only a guitar accompaniment, a too-low mike, no prior experience and having only had about 4 lots of 1-hour rehearsals was a little crazy. apparently my new nickname is 'seroja'. oh har-di-har-har. i think it means either 'frangipani' or 'lotus' (beats me, didnt have to understand the damn thing to sing it). and mum was a little peeved cos of all the bits of the whole day, our song was the only bit that had dodgy videotaping. the camera was slanty and it was start-stop coverage. teehee.

yeah. so on the channel 7 4:30 news today (which i often cannot watch because it is just too tabloid and dumbed-down), they ran a story about this guy from ghana who is participating in whatever championships that are on at the moment, of, yes, skiing. apparently, he was inspired by 'cool runnings' (the movie with the ultimate fanbase... caroline...). oh dear.

heres a site that has provided hours of amusement:
its pretty cool.

right. yes. AFIs. they were fun to watch. now dont get me wrong, i loved what mr crowe did with the show, especially touches like the phone next to his mike, and the cute little palm cards, and his perfect little haircurl on his forehead (gotta have respec for a guy that can pull that kinda thing off), but i cant help but wonder if maybe he was so angry at the late-night telecast of the event because less people would see his mc-ing. hey, i liked him i really did, but im allowed to wonder aint i? rowan and mr andrikidis (ex-farscape directors) both missed out on awards for direction, but 'little fish' got the actors awards and 'mary bryant' got best mini. i really thought romola deserved best TV actress, but having not seen 'love my way' i guess i cant really compare claud karvan with her (dammit commercial networks.) nick cave did a cool song, but i missed russell's performance. pity.
glasshouse won, as did john safran (bloody hilarious, that is), and shane bourne picked up best small-screen actor, over chris lillee from 'we can be heroes'. i guess he was too out-there to win, cos i reckon with the acting he had to do, he should have won (as did shane incidentally... gotta love that guy).

i also watched a bunch of old movies yesterday, including 'mean girls' (crap. what else did you expect me to say?), 'the ring 2' (also quite bad. one of the guys kept asking what the plot was, and no one could give a satisfactory answer. like i say, its not scary if it doesnt make sense), parts of a movie called 'funky monkey' starring matthew modine (but that was as a joke. it was truly horrible), and of course, the soccer movie 'goal'. that was alright, if filled to the brim with cliches. certain lines were stolen right out of 'bend it like beckham' (where im sure they were not original in the first place). you know, young working-class underdog realises his dream and comes good, with a few almost-horrible misunderstandings included. oh and a gratuitous love interest (of course). some of the girls i was watching with kept sighing and pausing the damn thing whenever there were closeups of the lead's eyes (he was mexican), and the soccer scenes were a wonderful example of photoshop-type technology. a bunch of actual soccer players were in it, but all i cared about was that kenny was in it! kenny. from press gang. i think his name is lee ross. it was a bit role, i think he was the brothel owner or something, but still. kenny! alright. ill calm down.
the movie has general release here in oz sometime in mid to late january next year.

aright. gtg eat. joho is out. no, i dunno where. no, i dont much care.



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