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Sunday, December 04, 2005

1000 words.

went to homebake. was massively cool.
first saw kisschasey (pretty cool). they made us sing 'when you say nothing at all' by ronan keating. what was more disturbing was that the whole kisschasey crowd knew all the words. i think it was to make a point about 'do-dos and woah-woahs'.
then mess hall - the lead singer is the bomb + rock out tip-over-the-keyboard moment.
and end of fashion (which was ploy's pick). they were pretty cool too. although i agree with her, that 'oh yeah' is not particularly a moshing song. sheesh.
then it was toilet break - scary, scary portaloos. didnt know how ploy survived.
also, evermore was quite good - not as whiny as i thought they would be. and their drummer, who used to be the 'loser on with the glasses', has now taken a leaf out of another famous 'loser-with-glasses-muso-in-a-trio'. he looks like scod from tripod has been giving him fashion advice.
caught the endstrains of rogue trader's set, and bits of wolfmother - their set was rocking. man.
then evermore, sarah blasko (the best. seriously). she did her slightly unco 'dont you eva' dance, and it was all good.
ben lee was 'a faggot' according to some of the punters in the back. oh poor boy. he tries so hard. and all the girls were singing 'we are all in this together'. flowers flying everywhere, and kisses for all the band.
living end had one of the best sets. sang 'prisoner of society' with the entire 20000 ppl there it felt like.
something for kate was really cool. paul was so, erm, 'cute'(?) and played some new stuff. i like 'cigarettes and suitcases'. there was one group yelling 'steph rocks' at her, and this shirtless bloke in the front row had a one-man SFK moshpit. paul kept looking at him sideways.
cat empire - what else to say? better yet, how to explain? they were so cool - all the improv stuff they always do was amazing - who else has drum, keyboard, trumpet, sax and vox solos in one show. and felix and the horn section were so... in sync. harry is my idol. and this one dude with dreddies behind me knew allll the words. so everyone else, really.
last was the finn brothers. didnt do the songs i thought they would, but they were really cute and verrry professional. brought their parents along and everything.

everyone except us and the ten-yr-olds who got dragged by their hippie parents was either high or drunk by about 3pm. my hat still smells like ciggies and my shirt was soaked in beer. ah well.

pics up next post.



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