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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

the burninator

so, today i turned 18.
erm, w00t...?

had icecream cake, hotdogs, and joho made us loverly milkshakes. finally, for jess. got much enjoyment out of pretending to whack joho in the arm as she is really quite extremely burnt. from the sun, not from the close call we had when jess thought it would be a good way to relive yr12 chem by lighting up about 5 giant matches at once at the dining table. all i can say is, whoosh.

genliajoh nearly destroyed the kitchen with their 'migoreng making skills', and much fun was had re-watching power rangers.

the 2-day shindig coulda been described as the 'dexter fletcher' marathon. in which we watched bugsy malone, press gang and band of brothers. all we were missing was lock, stock, which apparently divz had. and much squee-ing was heard.

a few unrelated things quickly:
how skinny is peter jackson now? omg he looks... normal. well, as normal as a full-on nerd can look.
the finn tribute album is the bomb-diggedy. no joh, that is how I spell it. love sarah blasko and the kasey chambers covers. and little birdy. of course.
ahaha. race riots in hursty. wherein the 5 lebs face off against the 5 skips in the area. and the asian gangsters stand by and snicker at their pissweak attempts at burning each other - now the riots in the middle east.... thats a riot to be proud of.
hicks-i-poos (ehehe. comedy unplugged ruled), has decided to switch countries. hell, anywhere is better than australia. i mean, this is a white man, with normal yobbo-looking parents, and the gov couldnt give a flying. meanwhile, all the immigrants want their old citizenships back. you get exactly no perks from being aussie. its embarrassing. can i take back that oath?
mums face went a funny shape when i said in passing that the al-jazeerah website was interesting. now shes worried about asio turning up on our doorstep. hell, if that happened we'd prolly be dead before we realised what had happened. either that or we'd be in another country. being toruted by the americans.
lots of tv news shots of a little white boy hiding under his eyebrows, wearing a batik top, surrounded by asians, looking for acceptance. something ironic there, i think.

okays, got cool dvds (thanks guys), cds, and a nail from caz (one of the ones she nicked from school, that i kept pestering her about), shoelaces (again from caz), pretty kitty-kat paper bag, book... oh, and adelia got some cute finding nemo candycanes which i have been ordered to share with the 'sisters'.

apparently i have passed a milestone. i feel like those 'superheroes' in those films, who wait for their powers to arrive, but nothing ostensible happens. ah well, i had my icecream cake, and i ate it too, so who am i to complain?



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