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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

cigarettes and suitcases

i was promised new SFK songs, and i got new SFK songs. and they were good. slightly more hard rock than some off the last album, but still heaps good. cant wait for the new album.

clint and the 'other guitarist'. bec asked, 'why dont they just add him to the group?'.
how cool is his tie?!

clint, having a break.
more clint. nice watch, dude. *raise your fists up to the sky*...
there was the 'we love steph' group behind us, screaming at her in between songs. you could hear some of their friends telling them to shutup and let the girl play in peace, but the guy had to express his feelings.

now for the paul pics:

he grew his hair quite long. twas perfect for his head banging stuff, but looked like it was getting in his eyes else.

they did the anchorman, and say something, and deja vu and monsters. and i think they started the set with 3 dimensions.

more paul:

(is he looking right at my camera?)

band pic

okays. little yonny... no, scratch that. she's much bigger than i am. big yonny is getting a twitch under her eye about the download/upload situation. im gonna stop for today.



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