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Monday, December 19, 2005

go-ho... the religious right!

yes. its *that* time of the year again, when the department stores go mental, mum makes us drive down hodge street (saying that THIS year is the last year the lights will be up), and i feel a bit like a stooge cos im not even really sposed to celebrate christmas. and yet, i still have that stupid smile plastered on my face from watching the christmas episodes of all my favourite tv shows, and from hearing too many renditions of 'we three kings' that dad always gets out about now.

ah. it is strange to be doing christmas without my family around. mum and joho are already in m'sia, my aunts are leaving for melbourne in a few days, and the rest of the family arent really the 'organising' type.

as an aside, i really actively dislike the 'days of christmas' song. whose idea was that anyway?

but, cos ive been so darned slack, waiting and then recovering from getting my uai, i watched a few movies that i meant to see but never got to...

kung-fu hustle: ahaha. about halfway through, dad went "hey, this is a comedy!". sigh. it was amusing. i loved the main character, he was the greatest. and the bendy landlord guy. teehee. that yellow shirt he wore when he went to confront the axe-gang in their casino was just classic.

ella enchanted: was pretty funny. the characters were so much funnier than the plot. anne hathaway is quite pretty, and the sets were so cool. that first shot through the castle and the landscape was mightily funky. jo and i went 'that baddie kinda looks like cary elwes, but it cant be him...'. and of course it was him, in his 'evil, scenery-chewing' mode. it was kind of odd to watch princess bride, then that straight afterwards. there was too little parminder, and too much expsition. and i am now going through a hugh dancy phase so just leave me alone. just gotta find that copy of king arthur now...

war of the worlds (tom cruise): very funky. then again, i didnt really mind the guy pearce time machine either, so i think im just a bit biased. wells is kind of hard to put into a movie, and i dont know why hollywood keeps doing it, but im not complaining. i love the story - war of the worlds was one of my favourite books from about yr7 when i went through my 'old sciffy' phase. and i dont care how badly done it was, just seeing those tripods and the people vapourising was good enough for me. for some reason my english 'analyse-this-text' skills just turn off when i watch some movies. the one huge problem i had was robbie living at the end. that just sucked.

team america: luckily, i couldnt force myself to watch the whole thing, so i saw about half of it (the end half). amazingly, it was worse than southpark. at least i like the characters in southpark. at least they are sometimes a bit believably normal. team america was stupid beyond all belief, and i couldnt get over the strings hanging down from everywhere. and the accents. and the swearing. and the 'imagine' puppet oral sex. thats just not right. the bagging out of the hippie movie stars was pretty funny though.

wanna know about my day? well, lets just say that no one sells turtle toys anymore. what is this world coming to?
and, i want the lego $199.99 millenium falcon. i want it NOW! and luke's x-wing, and all the other fighters that come in that set. and i want the new bionicles. and the new lego red ferrari-thing. goshdarn it. i want lego!

EDIT: somehow, bec read my mind, because i just got the snailmailed late-bday card she promised me, and the front picture (below) is of 'hot lego' ("because its been NICKED, you fookin eedjiet!!!") freaky...



Blogger narty said...

re: kung fu hustle, stephe chow rocks is the story.

December 19, 2005 10:32 pm

Blogger narty said...

also, i apparently can't spell 'stephen'. 13 yrs of english wasted.

December 19, 2005 10:33 pm


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