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Thursday, December 01, 2005

I. D. (Idiot Dubya)

heh. apparently our fearless president (dont deny it, he is ours as well), is thinking about bombing the HQ of al-jazeerah's TV station. teehee. something about that is bloody amusing. the guy is meant to be the bringer of freedom and democracy, but he thinks the way to achieve his god-given mission to liberate the great unwashed masses is to destroy their broadcaster. yes. freedom in a democracy does not equal freedom of speech. obviously.

one of the reasons i cant take intelligent design seriously is becasue of the people putting the thought forward. these are the people spending millions on setting up 'museums' with life sized displays of humans and t-rexs living in harmony, telling scientists that satan put million-years old bones (as proved by C-dating) in the ground to 'mess with our heads', and using their pull on the most ineffectual leader i think the US has ever managed to elect to rearrange the syllabus of the next generation in the way they see fit. has this as the quote of the moment:

" “I hope one day I can clone another Dick Cheney. Then I won’t have to do anything.”– George W. Bush "

i rest my case.



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