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Friday, December 02, 2005

lynda with a 'y'

yeah. just took a good hard look at the stuff i want and noticed they were all pretty old things. its cos im too lazy to buy shit myself when i want it first off. so it stays in the back of my mind till i think about stuff i still want but dont have. the fact that i dont even have princess bride on dvd is weirding me out a little.

and, yon saw a dvd of the power rangers movie. she really wanted to get it, but thankfully she didnt take any moneys with her to officeworks, and dad refused to fork out the $12, ignoring her promises that she would 'pay him back'. what was the dvd doing in officeworks? i dont know. believe me, no one was happier when her tape began to die, but now i think she has her itty bitty heart set on the darn-ed thing.

right. off to organise this press gang bonanza ive been conned into hosting in 2 weeks...



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