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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Never Eat Weetbix Soggy

so, having been very bored, and lamenting the fact that there was nothing on telly today except scrubs and some brendan fraser movie called 'monkeybones', i ended up watching a lot of news, some parliament, russian news, and some program on tvs called 'euromaxx'. twice.

this is how the world looks to mels this wednesday arvo:
we're all weeping and carrying on and having a minutes' silence for some convicted drug trafficker named van nguyen who i have never met, but was stupid enough to try smuggling drugs around a country well-known for their willingness to imprison ppl for spitting gum, not flushing toilets, not to mention, oh, lets see, understandably higher punishments for drug trafficking.

big kev died yesterday. now thats pretty sudden. whatever happened to that guy after all that 'im excited' nonsense? apparently, he had a heart attack. too much of said excitement, probably.

some guy is suing the CIA for a whole stack of things, after he was kidnapped, imprisoned without charge in afghanistan, tortured, and kept away from all civilisation. oh - and he wasnt even a US citizen. and the German government is simply going to accept an alleged apology from condoleeza rice, who wont even say it in front of the cameras. i agree with some of the bloggers, in a different time, and with different countries, i think this could have been construed as an act of war.

mr costello is an official idiot. then again, we all knew that, didnt we? meanwhile little johnny is just going to sit back and roll his eyes at the masses behind no2's back when he says johnny was 'enthusiastic' about the appointment of that gerard fellow.
so i guess this means theyve split up? check this out:

and, halfway into the channel 9 news (after said 3minute van nguyen story), a story about a stack of people who just got killed when a plane smashed into some highrises in tehran. the city planners over there have just realised that building an airport right next to suburban areas and city highrises might not have been a good idea.

we're smashing the kiwis in cricket. thank god. everything is right in the world again.

and apparently, today was the hottest day in sydney in, like, a year. no shit sherlock. this is what i tune in to news services for.

in the US someone with too much time on their hands has decided to open a millons of dollars australian reptile park/aquarium. inside its always 20-something degrees, while outside its snowing. meanwhile, ppl are dying all over the place every few minutes this year, designated 'africa year', from malnutrition and a basic lack of, urm, for lack of a better word, 'stuff'. and the higher ups reckon theres no classes. get your priorities right people.

also, something is happening over in banda aceh, but i couldnt really tell what because it was in the indonesian morning news and my bahasa isnt all that flash.

final bit of mels news of the day, is some genius over at parliament decided that we might consider thinking about having some sort of regulation of the government's advertising spending. bloody hell, you would think, seeing as they control the whole bloody country, they wouldnt need to spend 50millon dollars convincing us that we should support whatever-the-hell they want us to. speaking of which, those business council of australia IR ads are also pissing me off. really, they want to 'lower taxes' (for high earners only, im guessing), then 'increase infrastructure'. i quit commerce ages ago, but i am having issues understanding that. dammit. these ppl are running the country.



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