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Monday, December 12, 2005

no way, jose.

so. lots of inneresting stuff going on in our neck of the woods. bunch of people bashing up a bunch of other people. but somehow i dont think just sticking more police down there is going to help very much. just recognising there is a problem is not going to make it go away.
actually its almost amusing, if youre not involved, that a country that prides itself on being so 'multicultural' and 'tolerant' can have riots like this, where the white community tells the ethnics to piss off, to get off 'their' beach, who sms each other to join in some 'leb bashing', while the allegedly 'middle-eastern in appearance' youth groups go around burning the flag and smashing cars and property.
and the wider community sits around and makes 'tut-tutting' noises about how all these actions are of the 'minority', and that they are the extremists, trying to push the whole problem under the table. but these kind of 'youths' dont just make up these opinions on their own. they see the way the adults around them act, they see news coverage and 'current affairs' programs, they watch tv and see in all fiction programs that the 'good' white people have to fight against sleeper cells, and terrorists. meanwhile, the government is attacking a country without credible provocation, refusing to sign a protocol that the whole world says is for the better of the globe, and showing approximately zero sympathy for people who are trying to flee troubled nations. and sending off perfectly legal citizens to foreign countries for a range of reasons. anyone noticed that most of the 'accidentally' deported citizens are not anglo-saxon in appearance?
not that it explains anyones actions, but theres definitely a deeper problem here than young people getting bored over the holiday break.

last night i was minding my own business, watching sbs and i found this seriously funny movie called manitou's shoe. i was watching the last hour of it (having come to it late), and laughing myself all over the lounge room, when someone mentioned that the lead character's name was 'abahachi'. now for a little background, my sis' catchphrase last year was 'abahachi, mein bruder', and having never done german, i had no idea what she was talking about. but now i do.
the lead's name was abahachi (a red indian) and he and his blood brother (named ranger, a ranger) had to go find some secret treasure, buried in a mountain/cave called manitou's shoe, because it (the mountain) was in the shape of a shoe. they also had to fight off a bad guy named santa maria, and there was a bunch of other funny characters, including abahachi's gay twinbrother named winnetouch (played by the same actor as abahachi), a greek fellow named dimitri (whose aim in life was to become a red indian) who wore glasses, and a woman named uschi (who ended up having ranger's baby at the end of the film).
the movie was really funny, punctuated with someone continually shouting 'jeffrey has farted again', at random intervals, a lot of long-hair flicking, and many references to indiana jones. oh - and a bunny suit.
at the end, the film told us of how santa maria's brother, santa claus, began to give out gifts to people to compensate for his evil brother's dastardly actions.
all of this, incidentally, was so abahachi could open up a pub in his traditional red indian village.

heres something fun:



Blogger narty said...

i saw the last hour of it the last time it was on. i think you, anita and myself are the only people in the entire region to have seen it.

oh, yeah, and i got a fresh blog.

December 12, 2005 7:38 pm


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