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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

on the uptake

yeah, i know im a bit behind, but hey, what am i sposed to do when aussie tv is only about 2 years behind the stuff going on in the states.

actually, i guess i should be grateful that sci-fi actually is only about half a year behind, i mean consider the latest bunch: taken, stargate, atlantis, battlestar... we're only about half to 1 year behind everyone else.

anywho, what i just saw was a bit on 'the triangle', a new mini that is apparently a bit like a sciffy-heavy version of 'lost', except ppl are stuck on bermuda. or something.
and guess who the producers are: devlin, singer and rockne s. o'bannon. huh? you ask, so what? lets see, theyre only responsible for the best sci-fi to have come out of the last decade or so: stargate, x-men, and of course farscape (in that order).

sheesh. now i just gotta wait a bit over half a year to see it myself.



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