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Friday, December 09, 2005

other acronyms

hi there. or 'wassup'?
finally saw the latest HP movie. twas okay, i spose. being a geek, i have a number of complaints as regards the transition from book to film, and being normal, some complaints about the hair. but all in all it made sense, was fun to watch and pretty interesting - more than i could say for some of the others in the series, namely number 3.

apparently, dan radcliffe is coming to oz to film some indie thing. erm. yay? and, according to the official harry potter colouring in book ( which marty and i saw in myer the other day, while slowly recovering from de-licious max brenner chocolate stuffs), danny-boy also likes the libertines and bloc party. yeah. ill let you figure that one out.

first things first. the music smelled. why bother making the first three movies have a common song and composer, why bother creating a HP theme, if youre gonna pretend it never happened directly after about one strain of the melody during the intro? its a-nnoying. i quite like the HP theme, and now its just gone, poof!, like that.

now cos im bored and while i still have it fresh in my head...

stuff i didnt like: hermi-own-ninny's pink, PINK, not BLUE, dress; ron's 'piss off' harry moment, neville getting back late after the ginny thing (i dont know, it was just unecessary, i think the director just likes neville); mad-eye (i dont think he was cast so well); dumbleydorre's robes; dumbledore's 'curtain' speech; ron's 'cedric!' moment in front of the GOF (i understand slash, but what the hell was that all about); the last scene of the golden trio walking down the corridor onto the balcony; the twin's hair; the distinct lack of creeveys; flitwick changing...everything; the patil twins in the same house; random trumpet fanfares; the hogwarts school song; no charlie; no actual quidditch world cup; sirius' face in the coals ( i thought the common room looked different); no actual gary oldman; cedric diggory (yes, i thought he was a bit ick, but then i thought they were gonna cast someone more like oliver wood); did i mention the lack of the actual world cup?

stuff i did like or just found amusing: snape's library monitoring, rita skeeter, noseless ralph fiennes, the twin-hermione-twin GOF confrontation (teehee), more neville!, david tennant wearing chris eccleston's old jacket, mcgonagall/snape situations, random!nigel (who the hell was that kid?), armani malfoy; sitting-in-a-tree malfoy; more-normal-looking goyle; more! of the weasley twins in general; keeping the same token black guy (dean) and token irish guy (seamus) for continuity; amos diggory ( was cast perfectly, i thought); harry's being-tortured-by-voldie-on-his-fathers-bones scene; madame maxine/hagrid bits cos it was bloody hilarious (and more than a little ick at the same time); ron's reaction to mione in his room at the beginning; the ethnic guy who was always standing next to krum (with the cool facial hair); the merpeople (too stoopid =P); harry's 'that doesnt even make sense. thats just mental' i-love-you-ron moment; token and slightly unnecessary moaning myrtle moment; and, erm, more neville, and david tennant. and david tennant. with that jacket. being crazy. sigh.

yeah. all in all, it was okay, cept for the music. lived up to my high (?) expectations else.
*twiddling thumbs and waiting for next one*

go find mistfuls' lj summary if youre bored, parodies rule.



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