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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

ple-ea-ease mr postman

joho is about to have a heart attack after mee-chelle came to our place to do her makeup and ended up downloading even more russell peters, thus taking up most of our download quota, so im not allowed to post anymore pics for a while. not to worry, there're just a few dodgy of the cat empire and some extremely fuzzy ones of neil finn. and when i say fuzzy, i mean 'arty'.

so im going to just chat here for a while.

i caught the ep of QAF - omigosh it was so beautiful, and justin said 'yes'(!). i really thought he wouldnt, i mean, if i were him, i dont think i woulda taken brian back just like that, even considering the 'palace'. of course im not exactly a gay man either, so maybe that explains it. and lindsay and mel just make me want to scream. sheesh.

other shows im watching cos i am continually bored at the moment: that 70's show, less than perfect, scrubs, doctor who (even though i dont like the current doctor all that much, and the scripts are not as good).

links of the moment: is a really cool take on the simpsons. obviously someone has too much time on their hands is also really funny.

right, i finally got the house to myself for a bit, seeing as how joho and her posse had to get all their last minute stuff ready for the stgghs yr10 formal (awww), so here are the lyrics (sorry i cant format them the way that i want to..):

tripod - no oil in the Congo

Tripod: do do doo
do do doo
do do doo
Gatesy: boo de bap
boo de bap

Scod: The coalition fights the war
In the desert a new regime
We fight for freedom
So they say
Scod&Gatesy: But what are we really fighting for?
And is everything as it seems
Scod: We just protect the USA

Tripod: Ain't no oil in the Congo
Only bloodshed and despair
Scod: We don't care
Tripod: Millions dyin' in the Congo
But we don't send our help there
Gatesy&Yon: Because there ain't no oil there [dancing]

Scod: Exploiting an opportunity
A convenient point of view
Did we invade, or liberate?
The corporations bend the truth
Can you tell if they lie...

[silence. Gatesy&Yon stop dancing]

Scod: Do you think that dancing's appropriate?
Gatesy&Yon: Yes. yes.
Scod: This is kind of a serious song, that's all.
Gatesy: That's it. It's real heavy. It's heavy subject matter, and we, you know...
Yon: I'm sensing you don't like the dancing.
Scod: Mm. Is that all right?
Yon: You don't want us to...?
Scod: Yeah, could you not dance?
Yon: Oh.
Scod: Just, do me a favour? Do me a 'solid'? And I'll, um you know, I'll do you a 'solid'. And round and round it goes. And that's how it works.
Gatesy: I think I'll pass on your solids, mate.
Scod: You know, whatever.
Gatesy: O-kay.
Yon: So no dancing.
Scod: Yeah, is that all right?
Gatesy: O-kay...

Scod: Ain't no oil in the Congo
Only bloodshed and despair
But we don't care
Millions dying in the Congo
Gatesy&Yon: Millions dying! [dancing]
Scod: But we don't send our help there
Gatesy&Yon: Yeah, yeah, yeah!


Yon(to Gatesy): Yeah, they did like that.
Scod: What are you doing?!
Gatesy: We're lightening the mood, Scod.
Scod: It's a protest song!
Yon: That doesn't mean it can't be snazzy.
Gatesy: Yeah, a little bit of razzle fucking dazzle never hurt anybody.
Yon: You know what I'm saying. A bit of fucking this shit. You like that, dontcha?
Gatesy: Ha. You know?
Scod: I just thought that this might be a chance to make a difference, you know.
Gatesy: We ARE making a difference.
Yon: Yeah, we're changing the world one shit song at a time.
Gatesy: Yeah!

Scod: The politicking strongmen
In their ivory towers of money
They make a fortune out of suffering
[Gatesy&Yon start dancing again]
Scod(rapping): Extra, extra, extra
Read all about it
Elect a politician
They're turning out deficient
Are they there for Australia
At all?
I doubt it
I need a new edition
Or cancel my subscription
And the win of the right
Looks like a loss to me
Did you think before you voted
Cos there's a lot to see
But you have got to be
So sure
Before you send a man off to be
In a war

[Gatesy picks up another guitar, and starts to play a more upbeat tune]

Gatesy&Yon: Ain't no oil
In the Congo, honey
Bamp, bamp!
Only bloodshed and despair
So keep on smiling, honey
If there's a chance, just take it
Life's a ball, if you make it
And we're gonna make it,
Baby doll


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