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Thursday, December 01, 2005

save some for later, augustus

hey all.

so time for a tv update. luckily, ratings season is over, and we finally get to see some of the gems the networks have had buried in their vaults for the last few years. i hate how the commercial networks have gotten into the mindset of: 'if the americans didnt liek it, the australian viewers wont either'. what i hate more is that theyre usually right.

so ive been trying out some of the new stuff. heres the prelim verdicts:
ghost whisperer - woulda been cool if they had thought of it before 'medium'. i never watched medium, so i think that explains why i wasnt so offended by the plagiarised nature of the show. and its on of those 'star' shows. you know, the ones totally based on the pulling power of a single actor. in this case ms. jen love hewitt.

5ive days to midnight: i still havent got this show/film (?) pegged down yet, but its pretty interesting so far. think '7 days' meets 'dead zone' with the cool floating superimposed numbers and equations a la 'numb3rs'. so this guy gets this funky suitcase with all the evidence of his murder, which is to happen in 5 days time, and hes meant to find out who will kill him. the characters are pretty realistic, and the idea was although not original, a pretty cool take on the whole thing. its moving a bit slowly at the moment, but im sticking with it till nic deboer shows up (from dead zone). i dont know if its a series/miniseries, some ppl on the net are calling it a film? anways. and i think it was filmed in vancouver (like all sciffy is at the moment).

veronica mars: okay, i only caught the last 5 minutes of the premiere, but i gotta say, it doesnt look anything like the OC. at all. dammit channel 10.

futurama: ten are playing the whole lot (from ep 1) it appears. i love that show. and how much do fry and leela remind you of crichton and aeryn? freaky. which makes bender=d'argo, amy (apparently her last name is 'wong'. haha)=chiana, hermes=rygel, prof=...zhaan i guess, which leaves zoidberg as stark maybe? anyways. it ru-les.

empire: fluff. stoopid, stoopid, unnecessary fluff.

boston legal: i know a lot of people cant stand it, but it is hilarious. james spader and william shatner? classic. and candice bergen is so cool. i guess i never really watched the practice or ally mcbeal, and thats why it doesnt seem to annoy me like it does other people, but really its good.

SLOU: one of the still respectable aussie dramas on at the moment. that and always greener. tina said jeffrey walker (ocean girl, waynes manifesto, thunderstone, round the twist) and brooke harman are engaged in real life. freaky. i love stu and whatever aaron pederson's character is called. the stories are getting lamer and lamer, but the characters are still really interesting. unlike a lot of top rating shows i could mention.

other stuff on: always greener (the whole marissa/tom thing is just starting. yay!), and queer as folk. i had to shut my ears when caz said she already read up the next ep. sheesh. the last ep was sooooo good. the explosion was totally like wtf? i know i sound like an idiot, but it really was that good. i cant believe i only started getting hooked in the last season. godnabbit.



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