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Monday, December 05, 2005

seeing red

heres a handy hint: don't spend a whole day in the sun at a music festival, get 5hrs sleep, then hang out at picnic by the beach, playing soccer, for most of the next day. i am ridiculously sunburnt, and my foot has begun to swell to twice its normal size. apparently, this is because joho's foot is 'more staunch' than mine. dont ask.

speaking of co-ordination, even ms blasko's hair matched her outfit:

her set was soooo good. there was a lot of instrument-swaps between her and her band, but it was all funky. she did 'always worth it' and 'dont you eva', and a cool version of 'sweet as november', as well as 'counting sheep' and 'beautiful secrets'. definitely one of the best sets we saw. the crowd during her set was really nice too. by then most ppl were getting nice and mellow from all the alcohol, so everyone was real friendly. no jumping around or anything ridiculous like that. =P



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