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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

vroom vroom..

so, an update on the whole 'manitou's shoe' situation: one of the members of joho's sydney tech posse claims to have got it taped, so we're thinking of nicking it off him quite soon. ive already made my declaration of undying love for him, so hopefully it will be very soon.

QAF is, once again, the best show on telly at the moment. also, i do not particularly like that 'tad' guy that has attached himself to teddy. and how sweet is emmett?

now, im not a revhead or anything anywhere remotely like that, but i found a very cool show on last night on sbs. it was called 'top gear', and i have no idea how long it has been running, nor how long sbs has been playing it without my knowledge, but bill bailey was on, he drove a car round a wet track really fast, it was british, their panel declared that aussies rule, and the host had to eat his own hair. im in love.
mmmm. pretty cars...

and, nat has officially opened up a new blog. yay. one down, a gazillion more to go.

tis my birthday tomorrow. mum has promised me icecream cake. all is good in the world.



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