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Friday, December 02, 2005

we WISH you ...

whoops. just realised that if i have a post partly completed and saved as a draft, when i do complete and finish it, it will show up in the spot it would have if id finished it in the first place. ergo, the self-reminding wishlist i created for my own remembrall use has appeared in the 'october' posts. so anyways.
to the updated 'mels wish list':

a miyazaki dvd or two (im missing laputa - bloody psycho vcr, and my porco rosso tape is a bit dodgy)
the piano music to anything from bugsy malone - i can't find it free on the net
amelie dvd (my tapes almost gone)
PeaceKeeper Wars DVD (to round off my collection)
The Princess Bride DVD
'Unfinished Tales' by Tolkein (its the only one im missing - the one with the black cover and pretty stained-glass looking circle on the front)
Some piano sheet music (something familiar, not too easy)
Futurama dvds, mmm.
system of a down cds. i think there were 2 this year alone. 'hypnotise' or 'mesmerise' or something like that.

whatever i cant con out of someone, im gonna hafta find and buy myself so this is partly a self-reminder as well as everything.

and tripod did a really cool song the other day on that 'world comedy unplugged' thing. lyrics coming soon (read: whenever i can get ppl out of the house so i can listen to my tape at my leisure). dya reckon i should keep it for mary? cos it was much funnier than that other one that nat taped... maybe i will.



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