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Monday, January 30, 2006

costume change!

so... i saw munich and it was fairly good. lots of eric bana looking heaps amazing with funny hairdos and amazing!shirts. after watching him in stuff like the castle and chopper and full frontal, i think a lot of it is because he just looks so much better in real life, compared to all those old characters.

happy chinese new year everyone, by the way. its all good and i got a nice pile of moneys so mels is quite happy. beginning to wear-in all my new articl-es of clothing, so mels is beginning to look a little different. also sposed to be getting new glasses sometime before uni starts so i shall do the whole image-revamp thing before i start what dad keeps referring to as the 'next stage of my life'. gods. the man wont stop...
but i luffs him, and not only cos he bought a new washing machine (that doubles as a dryer! guh), and keeps suggesting he will by me a laptop for uni works. teehee. mels is quickly becoming a spoilt brat at this late stage of her life.

also. tennis is boring and ive figured out why. when im not the one playing, i tend to overanalsye stuffs, and every move that everyone makes. thus, the boring. but the cricket is still super awesome, and i must watch more and more to make up for all the aussie aussie aussie moments i missed when tripping.

and finally i begin to understand some of the ads. i think there were a few ads overseas that i simply didnt get cos they were too pop-culture-y. such as this:

which was everywherein italy, and nobody understood what the hell it was all about. (it says "pre-na-tal" and the chicks in the princess leia get-up on the left are vanquishing the bedsheet-covered characters on the right with their super-torches). also, the cars are all tiny over there. smart cars galore! and vespas and cheap scooters and one-person cars... and in oxford it was all bicycles.
but yeah.

ps. now i am official uni student. i got my unicard done todays at the great hall, and in true shabby style, the laminating machine was a little bit stuffed, so my card is already beginning to fall apart. im so proud...



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