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Thursday, January 26, 2006

"remember when ulla dance? ulla dance again!!"

so im back.
hooray! and i mean that as un-sarcastically as possible for mels.

lotsa stories to tell, which will prolly take the next year or so. but most of the major highlights are in my half-arsed 'travel diary', which ive thown on the floor of my clean, clean room. so i shant forget.
well i wont forget some of the seriously traumatic things anyways. like breaking buses, or giancarlo, or moulin rouge, or the producers, or vegas or the passport incident that im never speaking of again. adam said 'well at least now you have an interesting story'. id gladly give it up thanks.

joho let me down again with her lack of dvds. sigh. but i got nightmare, and princess bride special edition, and all my bday miyazakis, and ferris bueller (which i bought cos caz is always going on about it, and it was in the cheap bin at tennessee wal-mart).

uni enrolment suxor. thats all im saying right now. if i think about it for too long it makes me want to cry.
united airlines also suxor. excessive, repetitive paperwork gives me the shits.
also. if at all possible, i would suggest that none of youse ever consider taking a 14 hr flight to anywhere in economy. ouch. and ouch. and the poor guy next to me who was about twice my height had his knees so far up that he had issues with the tray table coming down.
aussie accents rule my world. as everyone in the states would say, it is 'awesome' (with the us accent).

dug up all my souvenirs. gave joho the juicy tubes, and dad the shirt, and mum the macys bag (they all got enough other stuff at m'sia, so i dont feel guilty). and i have 2 words for you: cheap. converse. oh hell yeah. joho also got 2 pairs from m'sia, and she is apparently the same size as me, so we are chuck taylored up to our eyeballs here. and all different styles and colours, so no one is hitting anyone else over the head.

movies i missed/ still wanna see:
the producers
nanny mcphee
chicken little
munich (agh! much squeeing to be had)
kiss kiss bang bang
underworld no.2

so much to do and so little time to see it! wait. switch that. no, that still doesnt make sense.

not jetlagged yet, but i will be!

ps. starbucks is crappy.



Blogger narty said...

don't worry, anne already mentioned the passport thing in her blog. or a passport thing. perhaps there were multiples.

January 26, 2006 2:56 pm

Blogger mels said...

oh shut it.
i hate you all.
(which is incidentally my version of 'good morning and thanks for waking me up on time' - i hate morning people. they should all fall off the earth)

January 27, 2006 10:26 pm


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