no longer an exclusively vicarious one.

Friday, January 27, 2006

yo ho, yo ho, a pirates life for me!

so anyways. i dont wanna bore youse all with stories of stuff that happened, except to say that mum was right, the last month has gone so quickly that i cant believe it happened, nor can i come to grips with the fact that its all over. sigh.

...and thusly, i am back from my holiday of 'real life' and into the vicarious existence once more.

surprisingly, i am not jetlagged. although, it did take a few days for my sister to fall down after getting back from m'sia, so maybe i wont feel the *pain* until sometime next week.

and, dammit. my 3 dvd players are not multiregion, so i had to convince my sis to let me change the region on this computer. will it stay like this forever? remain astounded at my lack of computer know-how.
but the special features on the princess bride dvd are so totally awesome. and seeing all the stars - cary, mandy, robin, billy, the 2 christophers and little fred savage all growed up is so mad. im gonna watch it over and over again until i can recite the director's commentary off by heart.

im sorry if there is a lack of vicarious-ness and amazingly witty commentary, but i have been in a pop-culture vortex for the last 4 weeks. i know not of what has happened in the collective world, or sport or tv or anything. although i caught the alito hearings on cnn in the states and that was amusing as hell. the woman sitting just behind alito and to his left had amazing new costume changes everyday to keep us interested if the questions got boring or obscure. well more boring and obscure than normal.

mr trump was my hero in new york. 2 words: public toilets. okay, 3 words: free. public. toilets.
trump towers had basically the only ones in the city besides the ones at rockerfeller icerink, which were closed, and our hotel, which we didnt wanna hang around cos that wouldnt have made much sense, would it? so kudos to the man who fires ppl, for having toilets that maybe wouldnt have won a UK 'loo award', but were still good enough for us aussies busting to go.

i believe this one was from the loo inside the tower of london. now that was pretty cool. anita and i were mightily impressed by the weapons. and henry VIII's suit of armour (which was very large cos he was one big dude), and i had a hearty squee over the fortifications. mmmm.... double layered fortifications. and crenellations. and siege defenses. sigh. battlements and moats. and drawbridges and portcullises. i miss london already.

oh - one thing i gotta say. we touched johnny depp's jack sparrow bandanna. and the guy at the comic store had my hat. was much cool.

okays. too many ppl staring over my shoulder (this is what happens when you have two computers in the same room).



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