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Monday, February 06, 2006

crackers matter thiiiiiiiiis much

so. back again. although i dont know how long ill be able to keep this up. what with all of those uni horror stories, and the fact that i am both hopelessly unorganised and like to make things harder for myself that strictly necessary because i become an ugly, ugly person when i get bored. and i am also doing 2 simultaneous majors, and trying to learn a language. with a different alphabet.
also, johobo is doing yr11 this year, and if this week was anything to judge by, im gonna be needing to move out by term 3. she is the nightmare on 2 stompy, stompy feet. stress already and she hasnt even had to do any assessments yet. i am seriously afeared for my life. and mum and dad are like 'mel, you have the experience, help her through this'. but i like my head where it is, man.
and, how the hell am i sposed to remember yr11 3U maths? i can barely remember what i had for dinner last night.

actually, the only reason i DO remember what i had was that it was in north sydney with the cousins. a belated CNY dinner. that involved asian punch and homemade yee sang. and although i finished school already, i couldnt go out for icecream with the cuz' becuase joho had to go home and sleep (HAH! she came home and stayed on msn until 12am), and i had already eaten waaaaay too much. food matters but not that much dude. and i have a chronic inability to waste food so i always end up eating Everything. until it makes me feel physically and emotionally ill.

and then.
go there to check on funnystuffs. tina is such a net research nerd now.

finally watched the entire film 'francesca e nunziata' in one sitting and i loved it to pieces. im running outta tapes so im going to have to tape over it, but it is sooooo good. Even the ending where sophia loren talks too much. and im now going through a raoul bova festival so leave me alone.

there you go. the whole moustache thing is beginning to freak me out. i mean, jake gyllenhaal, and then this show and then trying to watch coupling and trying to understand ben miles without his "monty" forsyte saga moustache...

anyways. top gear is on now so i have to go squee over cars i dont know anything about... yay!



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