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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

moniker, amanda and god bless kurt

so anyways. apparently sydney is going through a bit of a baby boom, as evidenced by the sheer amount of Babies everywhere you turn.

even dewan was so packed that we couldnt hear what the speakers were saying. something about elephants and the rising cost of living i think. but yeah. and i dont think its just a local trend either. apparently i have at least 4 cousins in malaysia that i have never met, nor seen photos of, and what with the parentals going back in a month or two, i dont know if ill be able to con mum into making another trip back at the end of the year. ie. no cheap clothes for mels, and no little baby cousins to play with that i am actually related to.

speaking of cheap clothes, goshdamn you bec. the money that is not actually mine all spent on assorted clothements and old dvds that i cant really believe i dont already have.

and if you havent yet noticed i am practicing writing of long convoluted sentences. uni starts soo and i am re-learning how to think. all those months of my 'dan brown'-style thinking is killing my braincells. i havent had to put more than 3 thoughts together since before the hsc. and i read some of the stuff on the unisite and ow.

movies i have seen:
sound of music (commentary edition)
walk the line
casper (a-gain. and all i want to know is how you can get that movie mixed up with flubber. also, many plotholes begin to emerge when you are older than 7.)
centrestage (cos martina wanted to watch it a-gain at mary's. i just read that the choreographer - incidentally the only person involved in that movie who was worth anything - also did the producers on theatre. how awesome is that? some of the best sets and dance sequences i ever sawed)

also. firefly. the entire frelling series. in one go cos i always feel tetchy when borrowing stuffs off mary. i think you know what i mean *meaningful nod*. but it was fairly awesome. lots of western themes, and the strange underlying sense of 'america', even though they all tried their damnedest to use china-speak and china-clothes. even battlestar is less 'america'. but dont get me started. the effects were funky, i could live on serenity, and the peoples were good-for-looking. apparently river was meant to get more kickass in the second season, but sigh. liked the dialogue (although if you watch it after an ep of farscape it is only slightly better than nothing). i think i head more towards pomo humour than anything else. i cant handle things that take themselves too seriously, and although firefly was in no trouble of doing this, the whole 'america' thing began to put me off. not by much, but its not going to be my favourite show in the 'verse anytime soon. and it was all subconscious so shutups. kaylee made me giggle. and the jayne song was surely stuck in my head for a good long while. i still have nightmares of the theme song. but yes, it is a good song and yes, it does grow on you.

movies i wanna see:
the producers (i dont care i wanna watch)

and i have 2 words for youse all: ratings. season.
although i cant even bring myself to watch ustv anymore (and it is freeing up no end of time), i gotsta be excited over specks, glasshouse, chaser, more rockwiz, and whatever else the abc is pulling out of its pants at the mo. yays. so much yays.



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